Our proud history 

Est. 1991, formerly known as 'The Sussex Swans'


The London Swans are a social sporting club based in the heart of London. 


We take the game seriously - there would be no point turning up if we didn't think we could win it, but we never lose sight of the goal of enjoying the game, that's the Swannies way. 


The social aspect of the club is what the Swans are all about, it's our proud reputation and tradition. We welcome players of all levels of skills and fitness.


Over the years we have had some fantastic players come through with pedigrees in big leagues back home, and plenty more understated players. All are welcome, and all are part of the team, and everyone loves the opportunity to play the fantastic game away from Australia.



1 (2010 ANZAC Cup)



1991 - 2006 (Sussex Swans) 

2007 - current (London Swans)

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